About Our Founder - Fast Facts

Lee-Anne Moore-Thibert


Managing Partner at Cochrane Moore LLP, a paralegal firm in Oshawa Ontario. 


8 mo old baby girl (Amelia) and husband (Jonathan)


Background & Highlights:

"My husband, Jonathan, had the idea of starting a sewing club to make fabric masks after we saw Italy and the US reporting extreme N95 and surgical mask shortages. Within 24 hours we had 300 members and 800 requested masks. Within 11 days we had a collaborative network across Canada with over 6000 volunteers in five provinces and 23,00 masks requested, and we haven't stopped growing.



We are a movement of volunteers across Canada providing fabric masks and scrub caps to front line workers in need. 

If you are in need of masks, please reach out through our request page

We are not responding to individual requests.

All donated masks, scrub caps, etc. must be washed before wearing. We urge the recipient to place the donated items in quarantine for a minimum of three days before using. 


These are NOT medical grade masks and should be used only as a last resort. We make no claims to the effectiveness of the finished product. 

Each facility should determine how to best use these masks. Each recipient is responsible for advising the wearer of the risks associated with fabric masks. 

Volunteers should not send unsolicited masks. We don’t want all the hard work you’ve done to go to waste.