First and foremost, please use the materials you have at home. If you have no materials, please check the FB group for individuals or organizations making donations. We encourage social distancing and want all of our members to follow the guidelines of their local municipalities and the federal government, including but not limited to, hand washing. 

If you are picking up donated material, we urge you to bring your own bag, do not touch the donated materials or transfer bags directly, and quarantine everything for a minimum of three days. Yes, this may slow you down, but it may also save your life. Alternatively, you should dump materials directly into a laundry machine while avoiding contact with the materials and transfer bag. The transfer bag should be safely disposed of, and you should wash all items on hot twice before drying on a high heat.

Our first choice for material is a cotton blend, our second choice is 100% cotton.

No flannel unless you are supplying London.


To purchase materials, feel free to reach out to one of the following businesses: