Request Items Here

If you are an organization in need of fabric face masks, or scrub caps, please make your request here. Your organization will be added to the list and we will do our absolute best to fulfill your request as quickly as possible. We make no guarantees on delivery dates, times, or completeness. Due to the overwhelming need, please be aware that your request may not be filled. 

We maintain that fabric masks are inferior to medical grade. We do not recommend that anyone use a fabric mask to feel comfortable socializing. We encourage hand washing and social distancing. If proper, medical grade, PPE is available, please use it instead.


Should you choose to wear one of these non-clinical fabric masks, please be sure to wash it regularly using all recommended safety precautions, and handle the mask with care while using it. 

We make no representation or warranty as to the effectiveness and quality of these items. Nothing homemade will ever compare to medical grade PPE. By accepting and wearing these items, you acknowledge, understand and accept the risks associated with wearing these items over medical grade PPE and hereby waive any and all claims with respect to the effectiveness and quality of these items. Overuse, improper use, or extended continuous use may decrease the effectiveness of these items. These are non-clinical fabric masks made entirely by volunteers and are not for commercial sale. 

While we will never ask that you pay for your items, we may require you pay the shipping.